A Paralegal is a person who is a paraprofessional and who generally would help assist in the day to day legal activities and work on your behalf following your instructions. A Paralegal has no audience in front of a Judge, as such they would not give direct legal advice or attend court on your behalf as a Solicitor / Barrister would.

Even though our Paralegal Clerks cannot attend court to fight your case, we can do all of the prior leg work and save you a headache! Our Paralegal Clerks write up the details of a case or a debt, they work on an hour by hour basis to correspond with Debtor Solicitors, Citizens Advice Bureau or the correspondence to and from the Local County Courts. In any claim its important to relay the facts of a case. Our Paralegals are highly skilled and ensure they follow your direction and writing up details of the case from your point of view. When writing the Claim Forms to process in court, it is imperative that the exhibits and details of a case are clear and to the point to ensure you are successful in a situation of a court hearing.